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Let’s Understand Difference Between Waterproofing & Dampproofing 

Whether you’re living in humid and sultry regions of the country or in a cosy corner of the hills, securing your home against damage is a priority. While the most obvious solution seems to be waterproofing, it is important to understand exactly what your home & its foundation needs protection against. 

While some buildings or constructions are offered post dampproofing to secure its foundation against dampness, water vapour, and soil moisture, the property may not be secured against subsequent water leakage and damage. While these two terms, waterproofing and dampproofing are used interchangeably, there is a key difference between them.

Let’s understand what waterproofing and dampproofing is.

What is waterproofing?  

Waterproofing is the treatment of a surface to prevent the seepage of liquid or water. Its a far more effective foundation waterproofing solution to prevent various forms of liquid from seeping into the surface, including water under hydrostatic pressure, water vapour, and even moisture from soil. 

Why is waterproofing important?  

Waterproofing is an extremely reliable, foolproof solution to prevent water from entering the foundation of your property. What makes this so sturdy is the waterproof material. Being of a more flexible, thick and durable nature, waterproofing of your home can help with crack filling to avoid any sort of leakage from holes and cracks. This thick layer of water sealant material even offer better insulation to maintain a healthier & more comfortable home environment. 

In short, waterproofing ensures that any inflow of water and moisture from various surfaces including ceilings, roofs, walls, basement, etc., does not deteriorate your home’s structural integrity. As a long lasting weather resistant solution, waterproofing is considered a foolproof water & damp proofing solution!  

What is dampproofing?  

Dampproofing is a temporary moisture-proofing solution that prevents water vapour from soil or highly-humid atmosphere to cause any damage to your home. In comparison with waterproofing, it does not control the inflow of liquid or water into your walls from various surfaces or cracks in them.

Why is dampproofing important?  

As dampness is one of the major maintenance issues faced in residences, dampproofing is an essential safeguarding measure to maintain your home & personal health. While protecting your home’s foundation from the moisture that creeps into from the soil, it also ensures that the health & hygiene standards are maintained as water leakage when overlooked can cause mold formation. This mold formation eventually even leads to germ infestations that cause respiratory problems and other health issues.

In fact, most new constriuctions are choosing to damp proof their buildings to enhance the properties of cement. This modifies the structural strength of the construction and prevents development of cracks, controls dampness and even delays the corrosion of steel bars in the foundation for improved strength of the concrete!


What is the difference between waterproofing and dampproofing?  

The main difference between water and damp proofing can be understood best by knowing the difference between these factors of both solutions:-


1. Material  

Waterproofing material is what makes it far more sturdy and durable solution than dampproof material. Polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane or all-polymer composition is the most commonly used waterproofing material, and Unmodified asphalt is the usual for damp proofing.


 2. Thickness  

The thickness of waterproofing materials is much higher than dampproofing as dampproofing does not provide crack filling. 


3. Resistance to hydrostatic pressure  

While waterproofing can resist water or liquid under hydrostatic pressure, dampproofing does not have the ability to prevent leakage.


4.Bridging cracks  

Since dampproofing involves using lighter coatings, it does not offer crack seal solution. However, waterproofing materials have the ability to seal larger cracks or holes through which water can possibly leak into your home’s foundation. 


Which one is a better choice for you?  

A strong & sustainable home foundation is key to maintaining a healthy home environment.  And shielding it from drastic weather conditions is an essnetial factor in maintaining this strong foundation. The best way to decide whether waterproofing or dampproofing is th eright choice for you is to evaluate the weather conditions, previously weather-proofing solutions used to secure your home, and any noticeable damage caused to your home.

How can Asian Paints help you with providing damp & water proofing solutions for your home?  


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