Understanding what is interior and exterior paint costing

Well painted walls brighten up your space in many ways and make you feel good about your home. But this beauty comes with a price to pay. Therefore, it is advisable to understand interior and exterior painting costs before you start with any painting project. House painting prices are dependent on a number of factors ranging from the type of paint to the condition of your walls.

Cost of painting - depending on the choice of paint

The type of paint that you chose for your house is a major factor that adds up to the total cost of painting a room. There are various types of paints you can choose from according to your requirement and budget

Distemper paint

Distemper paint is made up of natural materials such as chalk, lime and water. This paint is known for its matte finish and its porous texture makes it an excellent option for interior and ceiling painting.  Distemper paint is affordable in nature but it is prone to flaking and peeling, making it less durable than modern paints. This paint is also not suitable for hot and humid environments. But, despite its limitations, distemper paints can help you to add a charming aesthetic to your home.

Cost of painting per sq. ft.- 

Cost of Distempar Paint - Asian Paints

Emulsion paint

Also known as acrylic paint, emulsion paint is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it ideal for house painting. Emulsion paints also come in a variety of finishes such as matte, satin and gloss, allowing you to customise your home interiors. This paint is also resistant to molds making it durable and perfect for hot and humid regions. The cost of emulsion paints varies, with higher-end options costing more. Its ease of use and versatility makes emulsion paints a popular and reliable option.

Cost of painting per sq. ft.-

Enamel paint

Enamel paint is known for its durability and glossy finish. This paint is best for surfaces that go through regular wear and tear such as doors and cabinets. Enamel paint is resistant to scratches, stains and moisture but requires a longer time to dry. Enamel paint is a popular choice if you are looking for a polished finish.

Cost of painting per sq. ft.- 

Texture paint

Texture paint is the most expensive paint option but is ideal to create accent walls that add a lot of depth and interest to your room.

However, texture paint requires more product per square foot than flat paint. The complexity of applying texture paint also means a higher cost of labour. But despite this, it is worth it to invest in texture paint as they significantly uplift the beauty of your space.

Cost of painting per sq. ft. - 

Cost of Interior Texture Paint - Asian Paints

Cost of painting- depending on painting and repainting

The cost of painting is generally higher when it is a first-time painting job. This is because the surface needs to cleaned with a primer and wall putty. A fresh coat usually needs 1 to 2 coats of wall putty and 2-3 coats of fresh paint. Whereas, the costs are comparatively lower when you are opting for repainting as you need less quantity of putty and primer and around 1-2 coats of paint.

Cost per sq. ft. (fresh painting)- 

Cost per sq. ft. (repainting)- 

Cost of painting a house per sq. ft.- Cost of labour

The labour cost for painting varies from city to city and even localities within the same city. The type of paint that you chose and the level of skill required are important factors that will determine the labour cost for painting your home. Painting for exterior walls and textured walls is generally higher than interior wall painting. 
The cost of painting also ranges differently depending on the brand you choose. Branded painting services do charge more than local contractors, but they give you better services and are reliable and trustworthy.

Cost of Painting Per Square Feet - Asian Paints

Painting your home- Cost of putty

If you thinking of painting your home, apart from the paints you also have to take the cost of putty into consideration. Putty is used to fill in any holes, cracks or uneven surfaces in the wall. This creates a smooth and finished surface to make the painting process easier and more durable. For a fresh coat of paint, you will need to apply one to two coats of wall putty. If you are going for repainting, you just need a small amount of putty for touch-up purposes.

Cost of putty- Generally 1 kg of wall putty costs  Rs.

Cost of Painting Putty - Asian Paints

Painting your home- Cost of primer

Primer acts as a base for the paint which enhances its look by making it appear glossy and increases the adhesion of the paint. The type of primer that you choose will also affect the cost of your interior and exterior house painting.

Cost of primer- A litre of primer costs between Rs. 

Things to consider before determining the overall painting cost

Size of the area to be painted- House painting cost is directly proportional to the size of your home or the area that needs to be painted. Larger areas need more paint, labour and time, which increases the overall cost of the project.

Number of colours used-  The wall painting price is lesser when you choose just one colour for your house. If you choose multiple colours the process will require more paint and effort to mask off the area and paint each colour separately. However, the colour choice ultimately depends on what you love and what theme you want to create in your space.

Cost of Painting Primer - Asian Paints

Time required for surface preparation- The entire process will need more time and effort If the painting surface is old and damaged. Painting professionals will need to spend more time and material in sanding or priming before they can start painting. This will also take your wall painting cost a notch higher.

Interior or exterior wall painting- Exterior wall painting price is generally lower than interior paint prices. The interior cost per sq. ft. is generally more as it involves more shades and designs being used. The exterior house painting cost may increase if you are applying a number of coats using expensive paint.

Complexity of the project-

The interior house painting cost will naturally be higher if your painting project consists of intricate details or hard-to-reach areas. The designs and patterns you are opting for also play a key role in determining the cost. 

Cost of Exterior Wall painting - Asian Paints

Determining the exterior and interior paint cost of a house in advance will ensure you a smooth and happy painting process. Asian Paints offer you a wide range of colours to help you build the dream home you’ve always wanted. With our team of expert wall painters, we assure you a safe, sanitised and satisfying home painting experience.


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