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Microbiological Sciences

Microbiology department was set up 4 decades ago in Asian Paints with an aim to test the quality of raw materials and paint formulations. Over a period, we have developed state of the art infrastructure and great expertise on microbes like bacteria, fungi, yeast, and algae. To address the issue of constantly evolving resistance in microbes, we continue to collect fungal & algal species growing on paint film and maintain the repository at our department. Along with global standard species, these natural species are also used in testing against our products during development stages. Several aggressive in-house methods are developed to evaluate preservatives and recommend the best possible dosages to our products, complying the regulations of Central Insecticide Board, Gov. Of India. Before launching into the market, all the products are extensively tested in environmental chambers under simulated conditions like real life conditions as per the requirement. All interior paint formulations are tested in fungal chambers using different fungal species. Similarly, all exterior paint formulations are tested in both algae and fungal chambers. Best combinations of lab studies are taken for field evaluations. After years of field exposure studies, the best prototype is launched into the market. We have established in-house as well as global standard test methods to assess the antibacterial performance of our products. We also ensure the best possible hygiene conditions maintained for our products at all our manufacturing plants through internal audits conducted by our internal expertise. Over the period, the department is well established to handle all the microbiology related testing of paint formulations, sanitizers, disinfectants, wipes etc.

Surface Science

Surface science plays a pivotal role in the formulation of paint, its processing and application. Various coating properties such as wetting, adhesion, leveling and cleanability are related to surface tension / surface energy and interfacial tension. The group works on predicting performance properties by characterizing substrates, raw material and coatings using surface tensiometer and contact angle analysers.

Health and Hygiene

“Indoor Air Quality” has been a paramount feature in Coating Consumer space. Last decade has seen a significant improvement in awareness on green / Ecofriendly coatings. Labelling drive in EU and Other markets has further strengthen this concept.

Heightened public awareness, Stricter regulations and claims for respiratory problems due to contaminated HVAC systems   are the major drivers boosting the development in Health and Hygiene coatings.

It has always been difficult to find a universal definition of green, sustainable and healthy coating.  Over last decade, Indian paint industry has calibrated on the “Healthy” aspect of coating and decorative paints are offered with tags like No Heavy metals, Low VOC, Low Odor, No HAPS, and High renewable content and a spectrum antimicrobial performance (Anti- bacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral).

AP has aligned to a new internal standard “Green Assure” for coating was not limited to Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but comprehensively covered other health aspects like hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), carcinogen-mutagen-reprotoxin (CMR), reparable crystalline silica, heavy metals, alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEO), formaldehyde and its donors, ozone depleting materials and volatile aromatic compounds (VAC). The guideline standard ensures that the products designed meet stringent global standards for architectural coatings. 

The Journey of Green has taken the next leap.  Green product philosophy now encompasses a broader perspective of addressing health, safety and environment – holistic approach. 

AP journey in health and hygiene space: Key Milestones:

  • 2009:   Architectural paints made Lead   and Heavy Metal free 

  • 2011:   Green assure - framework established for Waterborne Architectural paints

  • 2012:   Launch of New Generation Green products Royale Aspira and Ultima Protek 

  • 2013:  Architectural paints made free from added RCS (reparable crystalline silica) 

  • 2014:  Green Assure Compliance for all premium waterborne architectural paints   

  • 2015:  Royale Aspira Certified by Green Seal USA 

  • 2016:  Royale Atmos - Air purifying Paint 

  • 2017:  Royale Health Shield - Silver ion + Best in class Antibacterial Performance  

  • 2018:  Royale Health Shield Asthama and Allergy Friendly Coating Certified BY ASL 

  • 2020:  Royale Health Shield – Antiviral performance Effective against COVID 19

Vendor development

Paint is a raw material intensive product and therefore Research and technology Centre has a dedicated team that works on raw materials used in paints and coatings. The vendor development team is involved in raw material testing, test method development and setting specifications for raw material. The team act as bridge between suppliers and manufacturing plants for all raw material related queries. Vendor development team also oversees the green and sustainability.

Polymer Synthesis & Characterization

Polymer/Resins are the heart of paint. We translate unmet market needs into leading-edge advanced coating solutions through design of tailor made polymer/resins that will withstand the rigors of regional climates, which has clear value to customers, environment and society in the area of decorative coatings, automotive coatings, wood finishes, powder coating etc. Like other paint companies we are not formulated our products with brought out resins/polymers, we offer innovative function of paint to our customers through polymer designs and syntheses at molecular level. Our chemistry and engineering is creating game changing innovation in the following domains of polymers:

  • Advance water based emulsion and dispersion technologies 

  • New class of acrylic, polyester and alkyd and their hybrid system

  • Cutting edge technologies in cross-linking chemistry

Furthermore, Asian Paints Modern Instrument Laboratory(MIL) utilizes the modern equipment like GC-MS, advance GPC, Modern DSC, SEM, Raman spectroscopy etc. in order to investigate the physico chemical properties of the polymers and to improve the fundamental properties of paint. At Asian Paints we use to file Indian/International patents, international journals etc. on polymer design and architecture. We strengthen our own expertise through collaboration and partnership with top universities/institutes in India and professional chairs.



In Asian Paints R&T center, we synthesis emulsion polymers which are the heart of our water based product offerings to our customers. The products made are of with our own in-house emulsion technology where the conditions of interior, exterior requirements of stated and unstated needs of customers are thoroughly studied before product development is being undertaken. We develop emulsion polymers in the area of styrene-acrylics, Pure acrylics, Vinyl acetate based emulsions using advanced technologies for decorative/Industrial, waterproofing and adhesive range of products.  We use careful selection of conventional, specialized monomers, surfactants and use our developed technology to fulfill the imperatives in the area of environment friendly coatings, high durable coatings, optimizing the cost of final products through polymers.  Emulsions developed using some of our advanced technologies like heterogeneous polymerization, encapsulations, UV/sunlight/self-cross-linkable emulsions were successfully commercialized in few of our products with patent rights for the organization. Further our efforts are focused more towards making the products in the area of smart coatings and reduction in usage of fossil fuel derivatives.

Physical Characterisation and Analytical Research

The physical characterization and analytical research (PCAR) team is a key enabler in product development and exception analysis.

The group is equipped with most of the paint characterization techniques and the characterization facility is well supported by sophisticated analytical techniques like microscopy, chromatography, spectroscopy, rheometry, thermal analytical techniques and surface tensiometry. (The photos of analytical techniques along with brief description can follow) The endeavour of this group is to assist the paint and binder development teams in characterizing the developed products and correlating analytical results with performance properties of coatings.

Architectural Finishes

Strong domain for the Research and Technology.  The domain caters to development of Exterior, Interior Finishes, Enamels, Distempers and Wood Finishes.  All Product, Emulsion and Resin technologies are developed in-house with strong partnerships from vendors and focussed on performing in Indian conditions which encompass diversity in substrate conditions and application practices.  The teams constantly innovate to deliver some pioneering, breakthrough products.  The focus has been on developing Green products that strongly comply to the stringent Green Seal 11™ standard.  Over the recent years’ product development efforts have focussed on developing products that promote Health and Hygiene in interior spaces.  The plan is to keep developing COVID-19 free products for consumer assurance and safety.  The development efforts are strongly backed by strong analytical capabilities which ensure use of quality raw materials in products besides constantly innovating to develop test methods and field exposure to simulate real time exposure situations which ensure fail safe product performance.  The teams constantly work on BOP products such as Distempers and Enamels to ensure upgraded value proposition at reduced cost.

Powder Coatings

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular since its introduction in 1960s.  Powder coatings are based on polymer resin systems, combined with curatives, pigments, leveling agents, flow modifiers, and other additives.  These ingredients are melt mixed, cooled, and ground into a uniform powder similar to baking flour.  A process called electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is typically used to achieve the application of the powder coating to a metal substrate.   

Asian Paints offer a wide range of powder coating products which serves our customers of various segments whether it is general industrial market or any specialized segments including appliances, furniture, architectural and automotive. With wide range of shades and finishes, we are dealing with Epoxy polyester, Pure polyester, Polyurethane, and functional epoxy chemistry for providing unique and customized solution to our customer.

Industrial coatings : Protective & OEM

Protective Coating are coatings which provides best solution to mitigate problem of corrosion and to prevent national loss due to deterioration of steel structures. We offer anti-corrosive coating system to Chemical plants, Oil and Gas industries and infrastructure segment. Our product basket offers high-tech anticorrosive primers which gives cathodic protection to steel for prevention of corrosion. Apart for Polyurethane topcoats, we also offer high durable Polysiloxane topcoat which offers excellent exterior durability and are used on projects such as Airport modernization, Metro Railways and Sky walks in metro cities. Our range also include intumescent coating to protect structure from fire hazards. 

Asian Paints also offers range of products based on different polymer chemistries for the OEM segment. The products are customised to meet the specified performance and application setup available at the customer’s end.  We fulfil expectations of the OEM industries for speed of coating process without compromising the performance and aesthetic look of the product.   

Road marking

Road Markings are the lines and patterns, which are placed on the carriage way with the purpose to inform, control, warn and guide the vehicle driver to enable smooth and orderly flow of traffic. 

These markings serve as a psychological barrier to prevent mishaps on the roads and promote road safety. Retroreflective nature of some of the road marking guides drivers in the night as well.

Road marking products are based on Hot Melt or Cold applied thermoplastic chemistry. Hot melt products are solid in nature which requires melting of the product in suitable machines prior to application. On the other hand the liquid thermoplastic products are based on liquid resins and can be use with brush, roller, or spray application.

Asian Paints offers hot melt thermoplastics road markings which are in powder forms. In case of liquid road marking products we offer products for normal road conditions as well as for airports. 

Wood coatings

Asian Paints is a leading manufacturer of wood finishing solutions in Indian Market. Our products have also penetrated into international markets through Asian Paints Global. State of the art technologies in this domain and proud partnership with Renner, Italy have delivered wide range of the products from start to finish in wood coatings segment. Asian Paints wood finish products are available under Woodtech brand. It has inspiring shades in wood stain and pigmented polyurethane category, pioneering products in acid catalysed systems and unique proposition of high end chemistries in one component and two components polyurethane and also, three components polyester products. Nitrocellulose based sanding sealer and solvent based polish is recent addition to our product portfolio. Considering pandemic situation, Asian Paints have also made an entry in Do It Yourselves (DIY) range of wood finish products for consumer delight and safety. 

Waterproofing & Adhesives

Water proofing is the treatment that makes a substrate water-resistant or prevents it from the unwanted penetration of liquids under hydrostatic pressure and other external forces like capillarity. 

We offer water proofing products under the brand SmartCare. It is the fastest growing waterproofing brand in Indian market having more than 100 products in its portfolio. SmartCare brand follows space-based solution approach for providing appropriate waterproofing solution for selected space.

Asian Paints also offers a wide range innovative adhesive product with best bonding strength and value for money. Popular brands such as TruGrip Ultra, CR-8, TruGrip Extreme, Asian Paints Loctite Tough / Rapid and TruGrip Masking tapes offer a one stop solution to the end customer.