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We want to be an innovative, agile, and responsive world class research and technology organisation that’s aligned to future customer needs and catalyses the growth of the company across existing and future businesses.

Technology Forums


Techcouncil is aplatform that comprises imminent accomplished scientists and other senior members of the leadership
that drive innovation strategy for research and development.


Techsurge is an internal newsletter wholly generated by and for our technology division. The platform provides opportunities
to young scientists to hone their writing skills in areas pertaining to paints and coatings which are futuristic and have the potential
to become commercial avenues in the near future.

Green Initiatives

As a company, we're constantly looking to re-invent our offerings, stay ahead of the curve, and offer well-researched dècor solutions to our customers. The key focus at our R&T department is studying the hazards of volatile aromatic compounds, their contribution towards air and water pollution, and looking for eco-friendly, sustainable solutions. So far, our team has been successful in implementing a number of energy saving processes.


  • Cycle time reduction
  • Reusing wash water
  • Sustainable product solutions for interior and exterior applications with restricted amounts of VOCs
  • Creation of energy saving, heat-management coatings
  • Successful removal of lead and heavy toxic materials from decorative products
  • Formulation of Green Assure labelled products without toxic substances like CMR, HAPs, heavy metals, APEO, HAPs, VACs, Formaldehyde, phthalates etc.
  • Royale Aspira, a premium interior product, was certified with the Green Seal, USA for its compliance to GS 11 standards of paints.
  • As we go forward, we will continue to develop sustainable products in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, increase product service life and improve the hygiene standards for our products.

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