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Technology Day

India celebrates National Technology Day on May 11th as a mark of anniversary of Pokhran nuclear tests. This day is celebrated to acknowledge the contributions of our industrious scientists and those who are passionate about technology. At Asian Paints – Research & Technology, we take pride in having scientists who displays the same zeal towards technology and innovation. In order to acknowledge their contributions and passion in giving extra ordinary products and making customer life easy. On this day we have rewards and recognition for the contributions made by our scientists followed by technical lecture of upcoming trends in science & technology.


At Asian Paints – R&T, Nexpedition is a journey which is driven by purpose and guided by our charter. It is our zeal to be a world class Innovative & Dynamic team of scientists who are creating pioneering products and solutions for our customers. We celebrate our 2 days Annual conference “Nexpedition” with greatest enthusiasm and energy to share/showcase achievements of R&T Team. This day we showcase the different capabilities we have built throughout the year to our people and how their everyday work has helped us to reach this level. This is followed by Technical lectures by our guest, celebrity speaker and our internal talent show – X-Factor where we see the other creative side of our scientists.

Sports Day

Asian Paints – R&T is all about Innovation & Technology and what is running beneath that is our collaborative spirit or togetherness. Sports Day @ R&T is one such day where we come together and engage in different sports activities majorly – Cricket tournament (APL – Cosmos Cup) with badminton, dart-throwing etc. This day our employees families also join us for this eventful day. This day truly we showcase the power that color creates where everyone is in colorful attires.




This experience has boosted my confidence levels, and taught me the importance of building connections and networks.

Aditi bijani


My experience here has been highly enriching accompanied by varied opportunities to develop myself. I consider myself lucky to have fabulous superiors who acted as friends, philosophers and provided me their guidance.

Avishek Mitra


The work is mentally stimulating and highly energizing. Asian Paints has a strong learning culture. Not just the R&T products but the entire AP business model is based on deep research and is an Institution by itself. The work culture is open and policies are employee friendly.

Girish Mirchandani


Excellent work culture, brand value, infrastructure and a plethora of opportunities for employees, whether you are a new joiner or an existing employee in the organization, definitely makes Asian Paints R&T center as one of the best workplaces in India.

Lipi Jain


The working environment in Asian Paints was conducive and most of the facilities were made available to us so that we can work efficiently. In my last 34 years of experience, Asian Paints was always the first Paint Company to bring State of the Art Technology related to coating industry.

Satchidanand Ghurye

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