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About Our CSR Activities


Asian Paints Limited has been collaborating with various stakeholders like NGOs, district administrations, civil societies across India to reach out to affected communities and help them to overcome on-ground challenges. From providing testing kits, ration kits to essential protective materials, we have till date covered around 15000 families and 38000 individuals through our initiatives. We have been working for many years through CSR in the sphere of health and hygiene and at times of national health emergency have teamed up with our existing partners to deliver quick relief. We have focused on providing relief to truckers, migrant workers and underserved community members by providing them ration kits to sustain themselves. Truck drivers have been facing tremendous hardship because of COVID 19, with supply chain disruptions many have been stranded long way from their home with no support. We distributed around 790 ration kits to truck drivers. 

Our employees have been at the forefront along with the support of our NGO partners, district administrations to run the distribution to stranded truckers, migrant workers, frontline and healthcare workers. We were able to overcome challenges such as last-mile delivery of relief materials through local contacts of our employees.

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