Ultima Allura

Ultima Allura is a luxury selection of textures inspired by the colour tones of Argentina and Italy. The range lends itself to experimentation with a variety of natural looks and textures. Pick from a large variety of textures available for different conditions and give your wall the perfect look.

Ultima Allura Venezio

Taking inspiration from the beauty of Italian architecture, Ultima Allura Venezio captures the essence of rustic Italian exteriors and gives a fine grain textured finish when applied. The water-based product offers a subtle, sophisticated finish to your wall.


Ultima Allura Torino

An antique look carries a great deal of character. Give your walls personality with Ultima Allura Torino. Imported from Italy and made with selected marble chips, it is a water-based product with a textured finish.


Ultima Allura Graniza

How about a South American makeover for your walls? Imported from Argentina, Ultima Allura Graniza is a grainy textured finish which gives a unique granite appearance your exteriors. It is a water-based product based on advance acrylic copolymer in aqueous dispersion.


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