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Understanding Apex Exterior Emulsion

The Apex Exterior Emulsion from Asian Paints is a great solution to protect your exterior walls, flooring and roof tiles. It shields your exterior from harsh environmental conditions such as rain, dust, sun, and more. Let's take a closer look to understand why the collection of Apex Exterior Emulsion should be your top choice.


What is Asian Paints Apex Paint?

Asian Paints Apex Paint are exterior paints renowned for their durability and protection against harsh weather conditions. It offers superior adhesion and coverage, making it an ideal choice for exterior walls, roof tiles, and floors requiring long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal.


Composition of Apex  Exterior Paint

Apex Exterior Paint is formulated with advanced ingredients such as silicone additives. This composition ensures excellent water resistance, UV protection, and resistance to fungal growth, enhancing the lifespan of exterior surfaces. Also making it a top choice when it comes to waterproof exterior paint.


How Does Apex Paint Differ from Other Types of Exterior Paint?

Apex Paint stands out from other types of exterior paint due to its exceptional waterproofing properties, dustproof technology and Anti-Algal features. Its advanced formula forms a durable barrier against moisture, preventing water damage, algal growth and dust, maintaining the integrity of exterior walls for years to come.


What are the different Apex Exterior Paints by Asian Paints?

Asian Paints offers six types of exterior paint, each with unique features to enhance your home's aesthetics and protection.


Apex Floor Guard

  • • Water-based crosslinking all-acrylic emulsion for high-resistance coatings.

  • • Offers exceptional durability with a smooth finish, ideal for concrete and cement floors.

  • • Excellent adhesion to concrete substrates, providing long-lasting protection.

  • • Renders a polished sheen, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of floors.

  • • Comes with a two-year warranty for superior protection.


Apex Tile Guard

  • • High-performance coating for roof tiles, Kerala bricks, and baked clay tiles.

  • • Provides a brilliant sheen and long-lasting finish, resisting water penetration.

  • • Protects against dust, algae, and fungal growth for exterior walls.

  • • Offers excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions.

  • • Enhances the appearance of roofs with a glossy finish.


Apex Tile Guard Clear Matt

  • • Water-based coating for roof tiles, Kerala bricks, and baked clay tiles.

  • • Provides a durable sheen finish, protecting against water, dust, and fungal growth.

  • • Resists water penetration, ensuring long-lasting protection for exterior surfaces.

  • • Offers excellent resistance to dust particles, maintaining wall cleanliness.

  • • Provides a glossy finish for an attractive appearance.


Apex Shyne Dust Proof

  • • Premium water-based exterior finish with an excellent sheen.

  • • Features new technology to resist dust settling on walls.

  • • Protects against algae and fungi growth.

  • • Free from lead, arsenic, and mercury, meeting LEEDS VOC criteria.

  • • Shields walls from harsh climatic conditions while maintaining aesthetics.


Apex Advanced Dust Proof

  • • Smooth, water-based exterior wall finish with silicone additives.

  • • Resists dust settling on walls with new technology.

  • • Offers excellent resistance to algae and fungi growth.

  • • Does not contain lead, arsenic, or mercury, meeting LEEDS VOC criteria.

  • • Provides long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions.


Apex Dust Proof Emulsion

  • • Smooth, water-based exterior wall finish with silicone additives.

  • • Features new dust-proof technology to resist the settling of dust on walls.

  • • Offers protection against UV degradation, maintaining paint shade.

  • • Free from lead, arsenic, and mercury, meeting LEEDS VOC criteria.

  • • Comes with a 5-year performance warranty for added assurance.

  • • The Apex paint cost, whether it's the Asian Paints Apex Dust Proof price 20 liter or others, is an affordable and reliable choice that offers all the necessary features for your exterior.


Importance of using Apex Exterior Emulsion Paint

Using Apex Exterior Emulsion Paint is crucial for maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your exterior walls. Renowned as the best waterproof paint for exterior walls, its strong water repellence shields your walls from moisture damage, ensuring their longevity. Additionally, its anti-algal properties combat the growth of algae and fungus, preserving the pristine appearance of your walls in humid climates. Furthermore, the incorporation of dustproof technology minimizes the accumulation of dust, keeping your walls cleaner for an extended period. So when it comes to unparalleled protection and lasting beauty for your exterior surfaces choose Apex Exterior Emulsion Paint. 


Strong water Repellance

  • • Apex Exterior Emulsion Paint offers unparalleled water repellence, making it the best waterproof paint for exterior walls.

  • • Its advanced formula forms a protective barrier against water, preventing moisture from seeping into the walls.

  • • This waterproofing paint for exterior walls ensures long-lasting protection against water damage, keeping your exterior walls dry and intact even during heavy rainfall or harsh weather conditions.


Anti-algal properties

  • • With its anti-algal properties, Apex Exterior Emulsion Paint effectively prevents the growth of algae and fungus on exterior walls.

  • • This makes it an ideal choice for areas prone to high humidity or frequent rainfall.

By inhibiting the growth of algae, the paint maintains the aesthetic appeal of your walls while also extending their lifespan.


Dustproof technology

  • • Apex Exterior Emulsion Paint is equipped with dustproof technology, ensuring that your walls stay clean and pristine for longer periods.

  • • Its innovative formula repels dust particles, keeping your exterior walls looking fresh and vibrant.

  • • This feature not only enhances the visual appeal of your property but also reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apex Paint


Why Should You Choose Apex Paints by Asian Paints For Exterior Painting?

Choosing Apex Paints by Asian Paints for exterior painting is a wise decision due to its exceptional quality and durability. Apex Paints such as offers advanced weatherproofing properties that provide excellent protection against alkali and UV degradation, ensuring long-lasting colour retention and overall paint longevity. The paint's advanced anti-algal formula prevents the formation of algae, maintaining the exterior walls' cleanliness and appearance. Additionally, Apex Paints are known for their high-performance emulsion, making them a reliable choice for superior exterior painting results.


What is the difference between Apex paint and regular paint?

The key difference between Apex paint and regular paint lies in their formulation and performance characteristics. Apex Paints,  like Asian Apex Dust Proof, Apex Advanced Dust Proof, and Apex Weatherproof Exterior Emulsion, are specifically designed for exterior surfaces, offering advanced protection against harsh weather conditions, alkali, UV degradation, dust and algae formation. In contrast, regular paints may lack the same level of durability, weather resistance, and longevity provided by Apex Paints. Therefore, choosing Apex paint ensures superior performance and lasting quality for exterior painting projects.


How Long Does Apex Paint Take to Cure?

Apex Asian Paints typically require a curing time of around 7-14 days to achieve optimal hardness and durability. 


Do Apex Paints come with a warranty?

Apex Asian Paints provides warranties that guarantee the performance and durability of their paints, offering assurance to customers regarding the longevity and quality of the painted surfaces.


What is the Shelf Life of Apex Paint?

The shelf life of Apex Asian Paints is almost 2 years, although it is also influenced by storage conditions and environmental factors.


Can Apex Paint be used for interiors too?

While Apex Paints are primarily formulated for exterior applications due to their weatherproofing and durability features, they can also be used for interior painting projects with certain considerations. Apex Paints, like Apex Ultima, offer high-performance emulsions that provide superior coverage, colour retention, and longevity, making them suitable for interior walls in areas prone to moisture or humidity. 


How many colour shades are available in Apex Paint?

Apex Paint Colours by Asian Paints offers a diverse range of colour shades to cater to various aesthetic preferences and design requirements. The extensive colour palette of Apex Paint Colours includes numerous shades ranging from vibrant hues to subtle tones, allowing you to select the perfect colour that enhances the visual appeal of your exterior surfaces. 


Does Apex Paint Come in Different Sheens?

Yes, Apex Paints are available in different sheens to suit aesthetic preferences and project requirements.

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