Most Asked Questions About Waterproofing Solutions - Answered!


Waterproofing solutions

Most Asked Questions About Waterproofing Solutions - Answered!  

While many latest constructions offered by real estate developers are water & damp proofed, most households in India face water leakage and damage nevertheless. In such times, you may be confused by what is waterproofing, how to do it, what is waterproof material or solution for you. As you’re overwhelmed with several queries about waterproofing solutions, we’re here today to sort this out for you!

Let’s dive into the most frequently asked questions about waterproofing and clear all doubts!

Most Asked Questions About Waterproofing


1. How does waterproofing work?  

As the most common question is what is waterproofing & how to do it, let’s discuss its process in detail.


Simply put, waterproofing is a liquid & moisture resistant procedure that makes various surfaces of your home weather-resistant. It ensures your home’s walls, environment & hygiene levels remain intact by preventing water seepage from causing long-term damage. This process involves using the best waterproofing solutions for securing your home depending on various factors like the surface type, the climate conditions, the durability of weatherproof material, etc. Now that you know what is waterproofing, here’s a look at how to do it:- 



1. Examine & evaluate the surfaces that need to be waterproofed.

2. Choose the best waterproofing solution to secure the surfaces effectively

3. Prepare the surfaces by priming them.

4. Apply the waterproofing solution. 



2. How can I tell where the water in my bedroom is coming from?  

Whether you know how to waterproof a wall in your bedroom or not, the first step to effectively controlling water damage is to identify if there is current water seepage in your wall.


Here are some tips for identifying water leakage in your bedroom:-


1. Look for discolouration or chipping of wall paints.


2. Inspect a change in wall texture & for 


3. Examine walls for minute signs of mould.


4. Listen for dripping water sounds.


5. Check for leakages in other walls like the rooftop, basement, adjoining    bathroom, etc.


3. What areas need to be waterproofed? 

While everyone’s home has a varying layout and interior design, the foundation of all properties remain the same. Any area of your home whose surfaces are exposed to moisture should ideally be waterproofed. As these areas retain moisture or water leaks, the walls and foundation in it are prone to damage. The main areas that must be waterproofed include:-

1. Roof.

2. Basement.

3. Bathroom.

4. Kitchen.

5. Balconies.

Other areas like the bedroom, living room, study room, etc., can be waterproofed for preventive maintenance.


4. I have cracks on the interior walls. How do I deal with it? 

Cracks in interior walls can be a sign of water damage. If the cracks are present due to other reasons, the cracks could lead to water leakage and eventual damage. If you’re wondering how to waterproof a wall, you can simply reach our to expert Waterproofing Service providers for effectively securing the wall. These experts will effortlessly know how to use crack seal and other solutions to waterproof & safeguard your interior walls!




5. How to treat dampness on the ceiling due to terrace leakage?  

One of the most common concerns revolve around how to do waterproofing on the terrace. Given its expansive area, it is most extensively exposed to extreme weather conditions. However, a terrace or roof desperately requires waterproofing if you notice dampness, discolouration, cracks, or chipping on your ceiling. 

The team that knows terrace waterproofing or how to do waterproofing in your basement floor are expert waterproofing technicians. To treat dampness and water leakage on the ceiling, apply a waterproof membrane on your terrace for long-lasting weather resistance!



6.What is basement waterproofing?  

The most common query people have is what is basement waterproofing. Basement waterproofing mainly involves using effective techniques and sealant materials to prevent water leakage from penetrating the basement floor or into the foundation of a house or building. The best way to waterproof your basement is to seal open cracks, install drains, plug holes, and apply a waterproofing paint or material coat for maximum security. Contact Asian Paints to learn how to seal cracks in your basement floor or allow our expert technicians to take care of it!



7. How much does waterproofing cost?  

At Asian Paints, our effective and expert Wateproofing service offers a wide range of solutions for you at the most reasonable cost rates! Check out our website for detailed info on the cost of each waterproofing & dampproofing solution! Get a free site evaluation from our waterproofing experts by filling a simple form!



8. Is there any waterproofing solution to make the bathroom completely leak-free?

If you’re wondering how to do waterproofing in bathroom, you should know what is the best adhesive for tiling over the tiles. The best waterproofing solution for your bathroom must use the top quality adhesive for tiling over tiles - modified Polymer tile adhesive. It helps control any water seepage from the bathroom to your walls through broken tiles. The SmartCare Tile Adhesive is a cement-based polymer modified tile adhesive that acts as a foolproof waterproofing solution for enhanced bonding & grabbing properties. 

Containing special additives that provide excellent adhesion, cement-based modified Polymer tile is what is the best adhesive for tiling over tiles for guaranteed damp proof security!



9. What is the best method of waterproofing? 

Depending on which area of your home you want to waterproof, the best method will differ. However, most people prefer Polyurethane as the best material for waterproofing a surface. Using a polyurethane membrane can effectively secure your home’s surface as it penetrates the surface deeply and evenly to fill fine cracks and reduce their ability to absorb water and moisture.



10. How long can waterproofing last? 

It is a common myth that waterproofing can secure your home forever. It is incorrect as water always finds a way to leak. However, when it is done correctly, the waterproofing solution can secure your home’s foundation for at least 10 years, if you know what is waterproof material & which is the best one for securing the surface.


How can Asian Paints help you by providing waterproofing solutions for your home?  

At Asian Paints, we not only assist you every step of the way in your waterproofing journey but also provide you with the best-in-class quality waterproofing solutions! Our waterproofing services supervised and conducted by trained professionals, aim to completely water & damp proof your home using foolproof products like Damp Proof, Damp Proof Advance, Damp Sheath Interior, Damp Sheath Exterior, Hydroloc, Damp Block 2K, and many more! Developed using moisture proof materials and advanced technologies, these waterproofing solutions are guaranteed to secure the health of your home and loved ones for the long run! 

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