Why Exteriors Matter

Since the exteriors of your home play an important role in creating a good first impression, they also become the starting point of ushering in prosperity. Home exteriors set the tone for what's on the inside, they essentially create the first impression. It is widely believed that the threshold of a home welcomes happiness, hope and prosperity. Beautifully decorated exteriors set the stage for a warm embrace of loved ones and familiar spaces. Though decorating exteriors is still practiced in certain places, this tradition has been lost over time.

With Ultima Wall Art, we are reviving this tradition and are here to give your exteriors the importance they deserve. We treat them as skilfully and artistically as we do your interiors.

The Wall Art Prosperity Collection from Asian Paints comprises of three unique patterns and designs that hinge strongly on the emotion of prosperity expressed in the physical space of The Threshold.

Wall Art by Asian Paints




International Wall Art


A'shop Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

A'shop, a crew of Montreal-based artists, have created a stunning modern-day rendition of 'Our Lady of Grace'. The five-story mural was created within 16 days with over 500 cans of spray paint and 50 colours!




Place-Royale in Quebec

This mural, near Place-Royale in Quebec, brings alive the history of the city with its intricate details and magnificent techniques.





Artwork in Baltimore

Adding to the artistic charm of the city, this mural at the corner of Franklin St. and Howard St., is filled with bursts of colours! And there is something exceptionally gripping about the pink in her eyes!




The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum

Artist Banksy uses a security alarm on the side of the building to form the earring in this beautiful mural. In fact 'The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum' is essentially a parody of 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'!



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How do we create Wall Art?


We begin by sending a team of skilled artists who prep your exterior walls and coat them in a base colour. With the help of chalk and grids, they then meticulously sketch the design you select. The artists use Apex Ultima- our range of high performance exterior wall finishes, to fill in each part of the design. The result? Beautiful, vibrant, clean and fresh looking exteriors!

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