Water. Gentle yet surging, it flows wildly yet with a sense of purpose, carving its way through stone and sand; sometimes meandering, at others determined. At once calm and contained, yet vast and intense, a metaphor for the progression of life itself. Inspired by the duality of this element of life, the abstract and fluid nature of Flow embraces multiple ideas, interpretations and styles of architecture.

A colourless, odourless, shapeless liquid. Think again.





Stencil + Painting

This wall art is painted directly on the wall. Reminiscent of watercolour, pigments of colour merge within the contours of the artwork with gestural painterly strokes.


Relief + Painting

This wall art with its defined outlines can be highlighted with two treatments, each creating a unique feel. Choose from Embossed (2-3mm relief) or Flush (painted directly on the wall).

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