Royale Atmos: helps purify air

- Activated Carbon Technology: Reduces indoor air pollutants such as such as Formaldehyde, VOC and malodour from the air making it cleaner than before.Royale Atmos has a mild fresh fragrance that lasts for weeks after painting.

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  • sheen: matt
  • durability

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  • washability

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Further Details

  • Indoor Air Pollution is almost 5 times higher than Outdoor as per the findings of OSHA, EPA, ICMR & internal research. Activated Carbon is the revolutionary technology that powers Royale Atmos and helps it in purifying indoor air.
  • The promise of Green Assure from Asian Paints, implies that this product conforms to strict international environmental and safety standards.
  • Teflon surface protector: Fortifies your walls against tough stains, increases durability and reinforces the strength of the paint film.
  • Smooth matt finish: It comes in a rich Matt finish which makes your, walls look subtly luxurious
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Recommended Application Procedure

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How do I know that Royale Atmos is reducing the pollution levels in my home?

Royale Atmos is developed by the finest scientists at Asian Paints to specifically reduce the pollutant formaldehyde. It has undergone rigorous testing by a third party on this pollutant reductioncapability.

How much pollution will Royale Atmos reduce?

Royale Atmos was tested internally and at a third party lab for its ability to neutralize the indoor air pollutant formaldehyde. It reduced formaldehyde levels by 60-70% in 24 hours under standard test conditions. For the third party test certificate and the testing process, please visit

How long will Royale Atmos help purify air?

Royale Atmos will continue to reduce formaldehyde for up to 2 years post application.

How long will the fragrance of Royale Atmos last?

The signature fragrance of Royale Atmos will last for about one month if all four walls are painted with Royale Atmos. The longevity of the fragrance depends upon the ventilation and the area painted. The fragrance lasts longer if the area is larger and the ventilation is lesser.

Will the pollutant remain in the walls?

No, Royale Atmos reacts and reducesformaldehyde. The pollutant does not remain in the walls.

Will the walls get discoloured or damaged when absorbing malodours?

No, Royale Atmos looks and feels the same even after absorption of air irritants.

How long will Royale Atmos absorb mal-odours within the home?

Royale Atmos will absorb mal-odours for up to 6 months after application. This effect varies as per the amount of mal-odour present. Higher the mal-odours in the room, lesser it will last.

Would applying more coats of Royale Atmos increase the pollution reduction or fragrance longevity?

For Royale Atmos, we recommend 2-3 coats as per our recommended application procedure. Adding more coats than that would not increase the fragrance longevity or formaldehyde reduction.