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Five Year Performance Warranty
Royale Aspira comes with a 5 year warranty, the first of its kind in the interior... Show More

Teflon Surface Protector
Royale Aspira comes with Teflon® surface protector which fortifies your walls...Show More

Unsurpassed Water Beading Technology
When water comes in contact with an Aspira surface... Show More

Enhanced Anti-Microbial Formula
The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial formula in Royale Aspira... Show More

Exceptional Crack-Bridging Property
Royale Aspira stretches up to 400% to cover up hairline... Show More

Superior Stain Resistance
Royale Aspira creates a non-porous, dense surface... Show More

Unmatched Flame Spread Resistance
Aspira has the slowest flame spread rate in its ... Show More

Environmentally Responsible
o create a world-class paint is an achievement all by itself but the real challenge... Show More

*For the detailed warranty conditions, please click here.
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