Annexture A - Information by Principal Employers


Sr. No. Particulars Description
1 Name/Address of website
2 Name of the Establishment M/S. Asian Paints Limited
3 Address of the Establishment (Registered Office) 6A, Shanti Nagar, Santacruz (East), Vakola Pipeline lane, Mumbai -400 055 Maharashtra
4 Address of the Establishment/ Branch office where contract workers are to be engaged. Khasra #111/6 & 111/15 ,Phirni Road,Mundka 110041 
5 Nature of work for which contract workmen are to be employed C&F Operation  and Supply of Security Staff
6 Name of the proprietor/Partner/Director/Managing Director Mr. K B S Anand
7 Date of starting of business 1st May 2010
8 Date of Initial agreement with the principal employer (Working Since With PE) Kandarp Tradelinks and Services (Delhi) Pvt Ltd. -01.04.2014; Pro-Interactive Services (India) Pvt Ltd - 13.02.2013; 
9 Mobile No. of PE/Contractor PE-Mr.Sagar Atolia - 9953754847 ; CONTRACTORS:   Kandarp Tradelinks and Services (Delhi) Pvt Ltd. -9311077223 (Mr.Amit Rawat); Pro-Interactive Services (India) Pvt Ltd - 8130729807 (Mr.Aslam Qureshi); 
10 E-Mail ID of PE/Contractor Mr. Sagar Atolia (
11 Website Address of contractors Establishment 1)       Kandarp Tradelinks and Services (Delhi) Pvt Ltd.  -; 
2)       Pro-Interactive Services (India) Pvt Ltd - ;  USER NAME: asian paints  PASSWORD: 123456
12 Registration Certificate No. Of PE/ Contractor Labour License No and Valid Up to  CLA/PE/DLC/WD/14/08/7311 DATED:27.11.2014 valid upto 31st March, 16 (APPLIED FOR RENEWAL)
13 Registration No. Under the Registration Act, 1908 NA
14 Registration No. under the Partnership Act 1932 NA
15 Registration No under the Companies Act, 1956 No.4598 of 1945-1946 (CIN-L24220MH1945PLC004598)
16 Registration No under the Delhi Shops and Establishment Act 1954 2011004874
17 Registration No. under the Factories Act (For  PE) NA
18 Registration No of Employee ESI Act. 1948 20001151120001000
19 Registration No EPF and Misc Provisions Act, 1952 MH/4631
20 Service Tax Registration No AAACA3622K002
21 Sale tax Registration No 07410017755
22 PAN Card No. AAACA3622K


By the Principal Employer

Name and Address of principal Employer Establishment

M/S Asian Paints Limited -6A, Shanti Nagar, Santacruz (East), Vakola Pipeline lane, Mumbai -400 055, Maharashtra


Name and Address of Principal Employer

Mr. K B S Anand, Designation - Director

Sr. No. Name and Address of Contractors Engaged Name of Executive Partner/Prop/Director Site/Work place where contract labor is to be engaged Maximum Number of workers to be engaged Name & Designation of Authorized Representative of PE for Verifying/Witness the wage Disbursement Date of Payment of Wages.
1 Kandarp Tradelinks and Services(Delhi)P LTD. B-525(b)Road No.6 Vishwakarma Indl Area Jaipur - 302013 Mr. Amit Singh Rawat Khasra #111/6 & 111/15 ,Phirni Road,Mundka 110041  24 Mr. Sagar Atolia, RCM On or before 7th of subsequent month
3 Pro- Interactive Services (India) Pvt, Ltd 31-32, Begumpur Park, Shivalik Malviya Nagar New Delhi – 110017 Mr.Vivek Pasricha Khasra #111/6 & 111/15 ,Phirni Road,Mundka 110041  5 Mr. Sagar Atolia, RCM On or before 10th of subsequent month