Product Stewardship

We are determined to be a leading company in product stewardship and in creating business value from it by providing safer and more sustainable solutions for our customers.

Lead Declaration Pb<90ppm

Today, all our decorative paint products are well below mandated 90 ppm limit for lead concentration.

Royale Health Shield

Promise of an infection-free home

First and only paint in India that is recommended by Indian Medical Association (IMA)

19,503 MT

Cumulative reduction in product Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions from FY 2011-12 (baseline)


At Asian Paints, we are committed towards developing sustainable products and solutions. We emphasise on creating exceptional value for all our stakeholders by not only meeting their present, future and unstated needs, but also by delivering our promise of providing
best-in-class and safe products.

Green Assure Framework

Our self-certification reflecting residue to provide truly green products

Benchmarked against sustainability leadership standards - US Green Seal GS-11 Standard.

Our Product Portfolio

Damp Sheath Interior

Increases the life of painted walls by reducing surface dampness

  • Best-in-class water- proofing solution with easy application

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Royal Atmos

Eco-friendly air purifying product

  • Emits a soothing fragrance after painting
  • Conforms to strict international environmental standards

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Royale Health Shield

Eco-friendly product and kills 99% of infection-causing bacteria

  • Approved by the IMA
  • Kills infection causing bacteria that cause respiratory tract infections and skin diseases

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Reducing Environmental Footprint

Reducing VOC in products
One of the big areas of interest has been VOC levels in paints. Our commitment to develop greener products has helped us achieve low levels of VOC in paints

19,503 MT

Cumulative reduction from FY2011-12 (baseline)

4,019 MT Reduction in FY2017-18

Eliminating Lead in paints/Pb < 90 PPM

In 2008, we started on the journey of removing lead and heavy metals from decorative paints. We commenced on this mission much before the Government passed a legislation, in 2016, to restrict metallic load concentration in decorative paints to less than 90 ppm.

Products are classified under different generic categories and are developed, manufactured and monitored for lead content. The criteria for assigning a category to a product is also defined

A testing protocol has been defined for monitoring and sampling and has been shared with all our plants.

Protocols are in place for safeguarding all relevant stakeholders, from the product development stage to manufacturing.

On-site testing equipment has been set up, which helps in monitoring samples and formulations

Lead Declaration

Of 'Less than 90 PPM' has been incorporated in the labels and artwork of containers as issued by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change